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The All New Angular 15 - How to Upgrade to it?

  • January 19, 2023
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The year 2022 has witnessed the evolution of many technologies, upgrades, and launches. Many frameworks released their latest versions along with new updates and features. These frameworks include Node js, Vite, TezJS, React, and most importantly Angular. Without a doubt, Angular is one of the most demanded front-end frameworks. With the prior success of Angular 14, the Angular team at Google released the latest version of this type-script-based web application framework, which is Angular 15.

According to the AngularJs Development Company, the removal of Angular’s legacy compiler and rendering pipeline over the past year has made it possible for the core Angular team to implement a series of developer experience improvements in the last few months. And the latest version Angular v15 is a result of dozens of refinements ensuring better performance and enhanced developer experience. If you haven’t checked out the latest version of Angular yet, then let us together find out what the hype is all about.

What’s New in Angular 15?

Though Angular 15 rolled in with a handful of features and functionalities, let us explore some of the most effective ones.

  • Standalone API:

    The standalone API was introduced in Angular 14, which allowed the AngularJs development services providers to build applications without using the Ng modules. However, in the latest version, the standalone API has become much more stable. They are now fully working in Http Client, Angular Elements, router, and more. The standalone API in Angular 15 allows working in synchronization with the HTTP with client routers, angular elements, etc.
  • Better Experimental ESbuild Support:

    Well, the latest release offers experimental Sass, SVG template; file replacement, and ng build watch support.
  • Stable Image Directives:

    The image directives feature is now stable and one of the major websites implemented the feature and observed almost 75% of improvements in LCP. By Creating secret properly, the directive makes sure that the right-sized image is requested. This in turn reduces the download time.
  • Improved Stack Traces for Debugging:

    The core Angular team went deeper into the struggles with debugging experience. The Angular 15 offers more understandable stack errors. The version shows the error messages focused on code instead of showing issues from third-party dependencies.
  • Optimized CLI With a Bunch Of Improvements:

    Angular CLI supports standalone stable APIs. This allows the creation of standalone components. The new version includes optimizing and configuring CLI with a bunch of other improvements ensuring better performance and reduced configuration overheads.
  • Directive Composition API:

    This new feature gives AngularJs web development services providers the ability to add directives to host elements giving Angular a strong code reuse approach. It should be noted that this only works with standalone directives.
Angularjs Development Company

Other Features Introduced in Angular V15

• Http with provideHttpClient

• Angular CLI Improvements

• Router Unwraps Default Imports

• Automatic Imports in Language Service

• Dependency Injection

• Forms

• CDK Listbox

• Deprecation

How to Install and Upgrade to Angular 15?

Now that you know the features and functionalities introduced in Angular 15, it is time to make use of this new version. Angular offers various tools that make using the framework much easier. One can easily install Angular 15 using one such tool i.e., npm.

All you need to do is to run the following command in the CLI

npm install --global @angular/cli@next

and this would help in installing it successfully. In case you are making use of an older version of Angular, then you simply need to follow the command:

ng update @angular/cli @angular/core

However, if you wish to update the global angular, then executing the following code might work:

npmi -g @angular/cli

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Angular has by far been one of the highly preferred frameworks and the latest version has significantly considered the inputs and the requests of the developers since the previous version of Angular. The features introduced mainly focus on Stability and enhancing the developer experience and performance along with many other new updates.

If you are interested in upgrading to Angular 15, then feel free to connect with experienced developers at Baniwal Infotech Pvt Ltd. Our highly experienced developers and designers ensure to keep up with the trends and technologies. Find out how the Baniwal Infotech team can help you with the latest technologies by visiting our website or drop us a mail regarding your queries and requirements at info@baniwalinfotech.com .

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