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Xcode Development Services

Xcode is ideally Apple’s official Integrated Development Environment which is known for its ability to integrate all necessary tools into a compact software package. It is for MAC and iOS software and is currently in the 4th version wherein Apple has incorporated the Interface Builder program.

Below are some features why Xcode is preferred by developers:

Codes from Unix or similar systems can be compiled and modified as required.

A major improvement is the incorporation of source code extensions which helps to manage the source codes efficiently. Every IDEs can support plugins which developers can make use of to improve the functionality of the IDE.

To ensure security of workflows, Xcode can generate a unique SSH key to be uploaded to the server.

Xcode is now faster with the new updated version, Xcode 8 by Apple.

Xcode supports source control which means the entire team of Xcode developers can work on the code together in several collaboration platforms like Gitbit Hub and enterprise, Bitbucket cloud and server, and GitLab self-hosted.

Xcode comprises of a test engine to run unit tests, UI and performance tests that can be conducted across several devices at a time.

The latest Xcode version, Xcode 10 includes Swift 4.2 which help in swifter and faster software compilation, build apps faster and generates smaller binaries.
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