Why Choose Us for NodeJs Web Development Services?

  • June 1, 2021

Node.js is increasingly being used for development of websites and web applications. There are many successful and popular websites and web applications that use Node.js. Node.js is basically a platform built on the JavaScript runtime of Chrome. The cross platform and open source runtime environment offers event driven architecture. The non-blocking I/O API helps in optimizing the scalability and throughput of the application. Our NodeJS Development Services prove to be the perfect choice for real time applications that are data intensive. It is also suitable for websites that expect to experience an increase in user numbers. The inbuilt library allows applications to function as web servers. The modules and JavaScript used in the platform allows creation of networking tools and web servers. The applications created can effectively run on servers.

Few Reasons To Choose Us For Nodejs Web Development Service


By hiring the Best NodeJS Web Development Company, scalable and fast network applications can effectively be built using the fast execution provided by JavaScript. The event loop and single threaded model allows handling of multiple client requests. This is one of the main reasons why developers prefer Node.js while developing web applications. The event loop eliminates the requirement to create more threads, even in cases when numerous client requests are received at the same time. It hence utilizes less memory which proves to be beneficial.

Sharing is Encouraged:

Node.js makes reusing, sharing and updating of library codes easier. The package manager consists of 50000 packages. In case of any problem faced by developers, solutions can instantly be provided. Due to the various advantages offered, many businesses prefer to hire Node JS developer for developing various kinds of web applications.

Streams in Node.js:

Being event driven and asynchronous, Node.js can effectively tackle I/O bound tasks. The streams are basically UNIX pipes that facilitate data reading from the source. They also pipe the data up to the destination.

Effective Data Synchronization between Server and Client:

Quick data transfer between server and client becomes possible using NodeJS Web Development Services. Using node js, JavaScript can effectively be written on both server and client side.

Real Time Applications:

Node.js is well suited for building various real time applications like chat. It can also be used for developing games. The non-blocking and event based servers are well suited for applications that have many real time users.

Node.js has many features and offers several advantages. It is hence a preferred choice of developers while building web applications. There are many popular websites that have effectively used Node.js. Professional developers can successfully build highly functional web applications using Node.js.

The Node.js platform has become quite popular. It helps in the effective development of various types of web applications. Connect with one of the Best NodeJS Web Development Company in India to give extra boost to your business.

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