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A programming language that runs on Java virtual machine and can also be compiled to JavaScript source code. Kotlin has evolved through several stages before it became public. Here the IDE plugin offers a smooth journey and enables several features similar to Java. Also it is user friendly and is integrated with Android.

Kotlin Development Company

The benefits of Kotlin can be summarised as below:

The code becomes stable and is not likely to fail if there are lesser number of code lines.

The simplicity of coding in Kotlin makes it faster in implementation, stable and less time taking for bug fixing.

The codes can be understood easily. Even if a Java developer has not written a single code for Kotlin, he/she too can understand the code lines.

Kotlin is multi-platform supporting software. It can be used on any device that can run on JVM.

Even though Kotlin is not that popular in the market, it comes ahead of Java as it does not have any feature limitations unlike Java. Several companies are taking up Kotlin nowadays as it is very interesting to use and interactive too!
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