How Laravel Web Development can boost business in 2020

  • August 13, 2020

Laravel, an open-source web application framework that is equipped with the simplicity of coding, well integrated testing unit and migration system is gradually taking up the global web application genre from small to large projects. Did you know Laravel has been voted the best of PHP framework which summons the highest percentage of IT community to get projects nurtured in this platform.

Top 5 reasons why you should choose Laravel:

  • Model-view-controller design pattern
  • Equipped with ORM and database layers
  • Easy and smooth routing mechanism
  • Extension of functional core
  • Convenient integration with third-party systems with unit testing mechanism

Features of Laravel:

  • Model-View-Controller Architectural pattern – This feature of Laravel offers unique presentation modules and functions, stocked up with several built-in facilities to smoothen application performance, improve scalability and better security.
  • Testing Mechanism – Laravel is so designed that it is capable of running several unit tests at once which makes it an easy process of developers to formulate the test codes.
  • Templates –The in-built light weight templates are one of the features that makes it overrated compared to other web apps! These templates can be easily incorporated in simple or complex layouts easily with the use of several widgets with CSS and JS.
  • Migration –The risk of losing the data is zero to minimal with Laravel as it supports expansion of the web application database whenever there is even a slightest change of coding.
  • Eloquent Object Relational Mapping – With this feature enabled in Laravel, the developers can write database queries in PHP form, rather than SQL, which makes faster execution.
  • Security – Laravel is known for its strong security measures that comes backed with hashed as well as salted password protection measures. This means passwords will never be stored in plain text format in the database. It also incorporates the “Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm” to generate an encrypted password. This feature is extremely crucial in ecommerce sites that can track as well as protect its clients from unauthorized users.

Laravel in 2020 and beyond

Simplicity, faster coding and strong security flags Laravel as the highly rated web application framework. Also it is easy to learn and incorporate, Laravel has an extensive documentation that’s absolutely easy to understand!

The top notch PHP Web Development framework, Laravel is supported with an easy humane syntax, thus offering easy integration with front end, while it is used for backend part of web development.

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