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PPC (Pay Per Click)

Pay Per Click (PPC) is one of the trending digital marketing modes wherein the advertisers pay a small amount of fee every time their advertisements are clicked. In other words, it is just buying the number of sites into your site!

Advertisers bid for their ad placement in the search engine’s sponsored links when an user searches for a particular keyword related to the business product, this is how search engine advertising is one of the popular forms of PPC.

We assist you with improving the website traffic for your portal and help you broaden your business horizon with reduced costs per conversion rate and hence more customer base, increased ROI and revenue thus optimizing the campaign periphery.

Our PPC Approach

Our professionally skilled and experienced team of experts help design a PPC platform that is one of the finest PPC advertising campaigns, customized to suit your business needs.

Our competitive Intelligence induced support helps obtain the inner stories from the bidding background reports, new keywords and placements to prepare an optimized testing approach towards the PPC. This enables to improve the business outcomes with every trial phase.

Designing the advertisements with appealing and attractive visuals is another known approach towards improving the revenue and POI.

Not only your own business measures, but analyzing the competitor’s numbers is also essential to formulate data driven strategies to set the traffic rate of your campaigns at the right point to optimize the campaign thus maximizing leads.

To begin with, keyword research and analysis is one of the primary requisites to generate more leads. Our PPC platform enables to add more keywords and key phrases to improve outcomes regularly.

PPC Services Provider

Our Success Attributes

We monitor the PPC campaign on various advertising platforms and then formulate strategies to improve the web traffic, conversion rates and ROI at lower costs. Our industry experience in the PPC domain and our professional team of experts are capable enough to induce the maximum possible return on revenues and investments at a much reduced cost. The secret to our success story lies in Good Ads professional expert team who perform regular research, testing and monitoring of the PPC campaigns. They also manage the PPC induced reports which are derived in keeping with extensive competitive analysis from the digital market.


Extensive Competitive Analysis


Finalising the Keywords, Key Phrases and Pages


Monitoring Every Visitors’ Clicks, Conversions etc.


Rigorous and Continuous Keyword Tracking


Tracking Codes


Geo Targeting


Security Checks to Monitor Fraud Activities


Monitoring the Revenue and ROI


Keyword Optimization


Account Setup in Adherence to The PPC Policies


Bid Management


Generating Regular Reports

Maximize sales and broaden your business dimensions digitally with our services of PPC digital marketing and establish your brand.

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