Full-Cycle Website Development: How to Find a Reliable Partner

  • April 21, 2022

A website isn't designed and developed overnight. It involves different stages and phases from planning and brainstorming to testing and deployment and operations. It defines stages that bring a project from its initial idea and conception to deployment and maintenance. Categorizing and dividing the website development into stages and phases helps in validating the primary assumptions at each step and also opens up the possibility of adapting to changing markets, user needs, competition, and technology. It is considered far better than the traditional waterfall approach where the development tasks are planned and executed linearly.

designed and developed

Every business is expected to keep their clients as well as potential customers satisfied by delivering what they look for in a stipulated time. The website development process is tedious, time consuming and demanding. Without a proper plan, one might deviate from the specific path and procedure of web development and might not meet the actual requirements. This is where the need for a full cycle of development occurs.

A full cycle development permits to gauge of the web development timeline by understanding the requirements and drafting a proper blueprint of how things are to be performed. It further gives a clear, realistic, and fulfilled approach towards the requirements.

The Phases of Full Cycle Website Development:

As we mentioned earlier, full-cycle website development services involve multiple phases aiming to meet the expectations set during every phase. A full-cycle web development team at Baniwal Infotech goes through certain stages to come up with a solution that exceeds the expectations of the clients. Here is a clearer and deeper look at each stage of the cycle.

STAGE 1: Ideating and Conceptualizing:

Ideating and Conceptualizing

The full cycle website development process starts with ideating and conceptualization. Working upon the blurry and not so clear ideas of the clients and giving them a direction is the very initial stage. The procedure starts with proper analysis and evaluation of the client requirements and also the competitor offerings. All this is done to come up with a well-thought-out development plan.

STAGE 2: Design and Development:

Design and Development

Now that we are out of the planning phase and have a fantastic idea to implement, it is the right time for the design team to start by outlining the details for the website and work on other aspects. After design comes to the development phase, where the design and blueprints are approved and worked upon to build the final product. The website development phase includes building the framework, setting up the technologies and tools, and then coding each element of the solution and building out features. The development procedure consumes maximum time, as it involves various codes, algorithms, and other technicalities which demand proper time and attention.

STAGE 3: Testing:


Now comes the testing phase. Testing a website before it gets live is very much essential. The testing team performs various automatic and manual tests to ensure that they succeed in delivering top quality, error-free, high performance, and robust web solutions.

STAGE 4: Deployment:

Once the testing team completes their job, it is time for the website to go live. The deployment procedure is also taken care of by professionals, to ensure hassle-free deployment of the website.

STAGE 5: Future Maintenance:

Future Maintenance

The deployment stage isn't the last stage, we at Baniwal Infotech continue to provide maintenance and support services to our clients. Maintenance is needed to handle the unforeseen issues and carry out required updates ensuring everything is on track.

All these stages compile together and complete the full-cycle website development procedure. This process helps to choose the right target group, the right set of tools, the best technology, and the right concept to conquer the market. If you are seeking a full-cycle website development company, then Baniwal Infotech Pvt. Ltd can be the best option for you. To find out how our team of passionate developers and designers can help your business with full-cycle website development, visit us at https://baniwalinfotech.com/, or shoot a mail at info@baniwalinfotech.com. Our passionate professionals will help you to deliver a seamless web experience to your audience.

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