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Flutter is Google’s exclusive offering released for public use at the Mobile World Congress Forum in this year. It is an amazing framework that provides cross platform application development. It is the single codebase SDK that make cross platform customisation efficient.
Swift enables to design customised applications to maximise ROI when teamed up with our talented and experienced Swift developers. Also the applications can be designed to create amazing visuals to amplify the customer experience. The existing applications can be upgraded or integrated with newer features. These are followed up with rigorous testing procedures to ensure the apps and their upgrades are bug free and error free.

The benefits of Flutter can be summarised as below:

Improved development speed with improved functionality, by implementing Dart which keeps XML away.

The code change impact come up live on the screen, which makes testing and code changes faster.

Updating content is made easy as the UI reflects them automatically.

The flutter framework comprises of widgets which in turn are also made from widgets. This makes the applications customisable in nature.

There is a widget library made from Material design (Google) and Cupertino (Apple).

Flutter is based on Dart which reduces coding lines.

Our experienced Flutter developers will assist you design the most exclusive application with the single codebase SDK as it has proven expertise of expressiveness, amazing visuals, flexible UI and faster load speed of 60 FPS.

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