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Content Management System

Content Management System

From basic content management to advanced content management, from mobile content to XML content management, we offer several content management or CMS services to our clients for successful marketing towards our digital customers.


Our talented professionals assist to make the entire CMS designing along with related activities like workflow management, document management, application development, installation, upgradation of applications, automating certain workflows etc.

What all we offer our clients in CMS can be summarized as below:


Media Management


Content Maintenance Features


Scalability for Software Upgrades


Dynamic Database Oriented Forms


Audit Trail for Content Publishing


Document Management


Access Control


Content Management can be classified into the below:

Mobile Content management

When professionals in an organisation need to access business items and communications via their mobile phones, Mobile Content Management comes into picture. This allows the same level of productivity and performance as with a laptop or desktop, keeping up with the security standards.

Electronic Records Management

Managing documents and files of all sizes are maintained, updated and stored securely under this category.

XML content Management

The huge business operations need to manage, update and maintain their websites, users’ manuals, training materials and directories securely, where the XML content management plays a pivotal role

Digital Asset Management

Ideal for storage, distribution and management of media items like music, pictures and videos. This makes managing the media files seamless with a perfect visual.

Learning Management System

This is ideal for digital learning areas, to track, document and record electronic technology courses or trainings, popularly known as e-learning. Student details, their course progress and other crucial data are also managed under this category.

Ecommerce site management

Managing several brands, their products, promotions, newsletters etc are possible with ecommerce site management under CMS.

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